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Globemee finds the right candidates for your open positions by bringing skilled workers to Germany worldwide.

Support throughout the entire process.
Find. Integrate. Profit.

Excellent Talent-Pool

Support with the visa process

Integration in culture and the world of work

Matching via artificial intelligence

Do you know these challenges?

You have open positions for which you haven’t been able to find suitable applicants for a long time.

Due to a lack of personnel, potentially lucrative orders have to be turned down.

The competition for well-trained skilled workers continues to increase.

Your employees often have to work overtime, which leads to increased dissatisfaction.

We do not just open doors.
We break down borders.

Everyone is talking about the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. But there are excellent and highly motivated talents worldwide. We are eliminating dependence on the highly competitive local talent pool through a globalized working world.

Happy Globemee's

Through Globemee we received great candidates very quickly and were able to bring our favorite to Germany within a very short time. We are very happy to welcome Gregory to our team and are already looking for the next employees with Globmee.

“Globemee found me my dream job in no time at all and also helped with the visa for me and my family. I’m looking forward to a fulfilling future in Germany!”

Experience report

This is how the recruitment of Diego at Serity GmbH went from the perspective of CEO Hamid Rezai.

Business knows no boundaries.
Neither does your recruiting.

We have lived and worked in Latin American countries ourselves. While organizing internships for international students, we developed the vision to do the same for the broader working world. Our responsibility and ambition is to achieve the best possible match between company and talent to ensure long-term satisfaction.

Companies that work with Globemee

The Recruiting-Process

Find. Integrate. Profit.

Artificial intelligence
Real people

We use the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence to ensure precise matching by incorporating many data points.

Visa process

Our goal is to make hiring global talents as easy for you as any other hiring process. That’s why we provide support at every step of the visa process.

Different culture.
Same values.

Our talents share and live a Western-oriented value system and thus quickly and easily adapt to our local customs.

Strong community
Strong team

We promote the interaction between our talents on site in Germany by building communities.

Globemee helps talents to integrate in Germany.

Works like Magic!

Our platform is constantly being developed further. Feedback from our users plays a central role in this.

New game,
New luck

If you end up separating during the trial period, we will find up to 2 more candidates free of charge so that you can find your perfect match.

Your home.
Their lifelong dream.

Many foreign skilled workers dream of a life in Germany. The motivation to do a great job and integrate is huge.

Why globemee?

Greater, global talent pool

Help with the whole recruitment process

Matching through trained AI

High dedication & motivation of the talents

Questions? Answers.

Globemee’s service includes 3 steps:

  • Matching suitable candidates with the corresponding job offers and company profiles
  • Support with visa and work permit
  • Integration of the talent into the local talent community

Payment is made upon successful recruitment, i.e. when the employment contract between the company and the talent is signed.

The candidate search is free of charge. In the event of a successful placement, Globemee charges a commission of 20% of the talent’s annual gross salary.

In the event of termination within the probationary period – regardless of who terminates the contract – we will find a new suitable candidate for your position. 100% free of charge.

The visa process usually takes 2-3 months. In exceptional cases, there may be deviations, as an appointment at the German Embassy is required for the visa to be issued. If there are delays in obtaining an appointment, it can take over 3 months in individual cases. Here we have reference values from the various countries.

Globemee focuses on the placement of STEM talents, particularly in the fields of IT and engineering. Skilled workers from third countries receive the Blue Card for this purpose. However, there are also other types of visa that can be applied for.

Yes, family immigration is granted to foreign skilled workers with a valid work visa.

If Globemee has a branch in the region, talents can be accompanied to the immigration office. In other cases, the talent is prepared for the visit to the authorities so that they can go there alone.

For the visa application support we need:

  • The employment contract
  • Employment pre-approval form from the Federal Employment Agency (we provide companies with support for this, so that it only takes a few minutes to complete and check.

To apply for the Bluecard for talents in the fields of IT and engineering and natural sciences, the minimum salary threshold is 45,552 euros (2023).

In the “Anabin” information system for the recognition of foreign educational qualifications, the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs provides a transparent overview of which higher education qualifications are equivalent to those obtained at a German university.

Yes, Globemee checks all applicants to see whether the title is recognized and makes this clear.

If a qualification is not listed on the Anabin platform, an application for recognition can be submitted to the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) or via the accelerated skilled worker procedure.

The Talent can join the local talent community. The Globemee team is available to help with bureaucratic issues so that the arrival in the new country goes smoothly.

Globemee provides information on platforms for finding accommodation and templates for possible cover letters. Talents are also informed about setting up a bank account and relevant insurances in Germany.

It is possible to complete language courses (remote or on-site) via our partner ZaloaLanguages. However, this service is paid for by the talent themselves or (if desired) by the company.

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