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We are Globemee – a German organization that
helps international Talents to find their dream job in Germany,
get the working visa and start a fulfilling life in Germany.

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How it works

Step 1

Signup & upload your Professional Profile with your job preferences. Our platform guides you step by step.

Step 2

We match your profile with suitable positions in German companies. We inform you about new matches that you can reject or accept.

Step 3

Once you have reached an agreement with a company, we support you with the visa process for a smooth arrival in Germany.

Let's find the right job for you!

How Globemee​ will help you

Jobs that really
suit you​

Thanks to intelligent matching, you will only be shown jobs that match your skills, personality and professional experience. Because thousands of kilometers away from home, everything should fit!

Helping you with the first steps​​

We will help you prepare everything you need so that you know exactly how to present yourself in a way that will impress German employers.

Employers that will respect & value your culture​

We work with companies with an open culture that are rated as top employers with good salaries

Support with VISA​

As we have already applied for a visa dozens of times, we will inform you about every step and give you clear instructions so that nothing can go wrong.

Why moving to Germany?

Germany and its job market conditions offer an attractive combination of career opportunities, quality of life, and social benefits

1. Career Opportunities:

Germany offers highly qualified professionals numerous career opportunities in various industries and has a stable job market.

2. Good Working Conditions and Labor Rights:

German companies are known for providing good working conditions, fair wages, and a balanced work-life balance. Labor rights are respected and protected.

3. Excellent Education and Research Institutions:

Germany is home to some of the best universities and research institutions globally. Access to high-quality education and research can be very appealing to professionals.

4. Quality Healthcare System:

The German healthcare system is among the best in the world. The quality of medical care and social security is an important factor for many professionals.

5. High Quality of Life:

Germany offers a high quality of life with good infrastructure, an efficient public transportation system, cultural offerings, and a safe environment.

6. International Environment:

Germany provides an international and multicultural environment, especially in large cities. This facilitates integration and creates a diverse social atmosphere.

7. Promotion of Family and Gender Equality:

Germany advocates for family-friendly policies and gender equality in the workplace. Support for parents and programs for work-life balance are available.

Examples of Companies we're working with

Happy Globemee's

“Globemee found me my dream job in a very short time and also helped with the visa for me and my family. I’m looking forward to a fulfilling future in Germany!”

Let's find the right job for you!

Most asked Questions.

No, placement is free for professionals. Our company partners pay us for finding the right talents for their job positions. As a talent you don’t have to pay for being matched.

Yes, Globemee will support you in the visa process, once the working contract is signed. We give you a transparent guideline for the whole process, so that you know which documents need to be prepared and when to make the appointment at the German embassy.

It is not an absolute requirement, but having knowledge of German can be advantageous to access more job opportunities. Many companies value the ability to communicate in German, especially in roles that require interaction with local colleagues or clients. The better the german language skills, the easier it will be to be matched to a german company.

Globemee currently focuses on the placement of technical professions, in particular computer scientists, engineers, electricians/mechatronics engineers. However, we also have some offers in other job categories. So everyone can upload their profile, the placement of technical professions can possibly lead to a higher match rate.

  1. You upload your profile in our talent-platform
  2. We check your profile for potential job matches
  3. When your profile is matched to a company, we will send you the concret job offer and ask for your interested
  4. When you are interested your profile goes to the company. With their confirmation we will send you interview appointments
  5. When you managed successfully the interview and got your working contract, we will support you in the visa process

Globemee will not find you an apartment, but we support giving you information about how to find an apartment linking to certain websites or connecting to our partners. In some cases the company provides apartments or relocation support, this is to be negotiated and seen for each case.

Yes, Globemee is committed to create talent communities in Germany. If you as a talent are interested in getting connected to our former talents, we add you to our community. Soon we will also provide more activities to connect our international talents.

When you lose your job in Germany you must register within 3 days at the Jobcenter: https://www.arbeitsagentur.de/arbeitslos-melden/. You should also let Globemee know about your case, so that we can try to match you with a new company.

You have another Question? Please write to support@globemee.com

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